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Review: Surachai – Embraced

surachai-embracedA self-release is perhaps the ideal situation for most artistic endeavors, while you may lack the economical support a publisher may give you, the alternative of being truly independent and free to fulfill your vision any way you please it’s perhaps the ultimate goal for any creative person. It is of course also risky, being entirely responsible for your own work and its promotion is a huge undertaking. Many have turned to crowdsourcing as an alternative, coming from the success of many popular projects in various creative trades, there has been a surge in popularity for this kind of monetizing. But ultimately, the choosing of the most convenient alternative will perhaps be a huge influence in the final result of any project. To eschew set paths and routine seems to be a part of Surachai Sutthisasanakul’s personality, having done all of his major releases as a one man army, which is not uncommon to the whole black metal ethos, he decided that for his latest and perhaps most ambitious musical project he should shake things up a bit by working with a band of talented musicians from the Chicago scene and go the totally self-financing route.

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