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Review: Mgła – Exercises in Futility

mgla - exercises in futilityThese days, there are a couple ideologies fighting for the hearts and minds of Black Metal enthusiast groups. The first could be called the progressist camp. They want something groundbreaking that shakes the sub-genre’s foundation into truly innovative music beyond just tracing over and over the archetype. The second, more popular among the conservatives that are legion in a musical field as stiff as it is, demand to keep the genre beyond any evolutive desires. They want their metal raw, frilly up to a properly tremulous point, and lyrically shiny as tar. Any deviation from the template is met with derision and high animosity. Be it a catwalk model/indie pop celebrity “invading” their ranks or Avant-garde pretension with little bite to their bark, it seems that both camps will be eternally locked in a stalemate that’ll drive the sub-genre into oblivion. If we had to put Mgła in any side of the warring factions, it would be for the traditionalists. They come from the vibrant Polish scene, where there is already enough infighting to come up and stand out against the immensely burdening popularity of that certain Polish band. That would explain in part why they have just started to enjoy a fame of sorts, and a bit surprisingly, not from just one side of the fight. Releasing their third full-length Exercises in Futility with little notice but a lot of anticipation and generating a ton of buzz, it’s their strongest production to date, and one that could be a watershed of sorts for the entire genre. Read more »

Review: The Fall of Every Season – Amends

tfoes-amendsThis album is probably the exact opposite case that Erathems was. As the second LP on Marius Strand‘s career as The Fall of Every SeasonAmends was fairly well publicized since it’s release, way back in the 2013’s first trimester. And even a good amount of blogs and specialized sites did highly positive reviews. But somehow managed to make just a few year end lists. I had to see it on one of those few to actually remember how good it was. So what’s its problem? No staying power? No memorable music? Let’s see if I can find out.

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Review: Cronian – Erathems

cronian-erathemsWhy would the main members of viking/progressive outfits Borknagar and Vintersorg create yet another band with some glaring similarities in both sound and themes with their main bands? After all, there have been really good releases from both, 2012 saw the records Urd and Orkan getting an avalanche of positive reviews. And both projects seem to have really strong ideas already in place for their next outings. Should they avoid the risk of getting too spread and creatively thin?

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Reseña: Jucifer – за волгой для нас земли нет

jucifer-coverUna vez que se han agotado los principales temas que se pueden discutir acerca de Jucifer, tal vez el más importante de todos y que probablemente se mantenga igual por siempre es que son criminalmente desconocidos. Esto es resultado de una interesante combinación de hechos en la carrera de este par de nómadas. El primero y quizás más importante es un absoluto compromiso con su arte. No es raro leer o escuchar entrevistas donde varios artistas en la lucha diaria por llevar su música a las masas encuentran inusual desgaste en el ciclo común de giras, grabaciones y escaso descanso. No es tampoco raro imaginar a muchos lectores pensando que esto es un problema que a muchos les gustaría tener, cuando la imaginación y los medios han inflado el glamour de la vida del rockstar. La realidad de las cosas es que es un porcentaje muy reducido el que logra el éxito absoluto (y la comodidad y glamour que esto conlleva) de las superestrellas de la música en una industria que está constantemente luchando por encontrar su lugar en ésta era de verdadera transferencia masiva de información. Por otro lado tenemos a este dueto que simplemente decidió un día que la única manera en que podían seguir esta vida era cortar sus raíces y vivir eternamente en tour. Seguramente este dueto tiene el suficiente talento para hacer su música más pasable para el máximo posible de audiencia, y lograr una vida más cómoda haciendo música, pero ese no era un compromiso que estaban dispuestos a tomar.

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