About us

This is the showcase of my personal obsession with loud, distorted, and generally harrowing music. I’m not a self-declared expert, nor a professional critic or writer. I don’t brag about being objective and I don’t try to reconcile my particular POV with any other. What I am is a fiercely passionate enthusiast of the music I enjoy.

There’s no personal scoring scale here. I’ll mostly review what I like so you can expect that a lot of what’s featured here is what I consider “good to my tastes.”

This site respects copyright laws and every media attached to the reviews is from promotional material and it’s only used for illustrative and referential purposes. However, if you’re the rights holder of any of this material and you want it to be removed you can contact me at any time and I’ll comply to your petitions to the best of my abilities.

Contact: metalvortex@deuterio.net