What you probably didn’t hear in 2013, but you should.

These records from the past year didn’t make many year-end lists, not even my own. But since I’m not really a believer of ratings and rankings applied to artistic endeavors, I can assure you that they were not forgotten or written off because of mediocrity. Instead I must blame the fact that listening and actually remembering every worthy production on a whole year has become a task of really gargantuan proportions. Bandcamp, Youtube, and other relatively easy and affordable means of publicity and distribution have multiplied exponentially the amount of music you can listen in a year. They even come from lands you would have never imagined to be able to reach just a few years ago. Now you can just type in a few words and be ready to enjoy them entirely and legally in a matter of seconds. But this also means that almost inevitably a lot of virtuous music will just fall through the cracks. So, in this next series of posts I will try to somewhat fix these “crimes”.

Cronian – Erathems

The Fall of Every Season – Amends

Surachai – Embraced

Helen Money – Arriving Angels

Grayceon – Pearl and the End of Days EP

Circles – Infinitas

Craven Idol – Towards Eschaton

Fister – Gemini

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    I love Amends, but it’s pretty brickwalled.