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Review: The Fall of Every Season – Amends

tfoes-amendsThis album is probably the exact opposite case that Erathems was. As the second LP on Marius Strand‘s career as The Fall of Every SeasonAmends was fairly well publicized since it’s release, way back in the 2013’s first trimester. And even a good amount of blogs and specialized sites did highly positive reviews. But somehow managed to make just a few year end lists. I had to see it on one of those few to actually remember how good it was. So what’s its problem? No staying power? No memorable music? Let’s see if I can find out.

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Review: Cronian – Erathems

cronian-erathemsWhy would the main members of viking/progressive outfits Borknagar and Vintersorg create yet another band with some glaring similarities in both sound and themes with their main bands? After all, there have been really good releases from both, 2012 saw the records Urd and Orkan getting an avalanche of positive reviews. And both projects seem to have really strong ideas already in place for their next outings. Should they avoid the risk of getting too spread and creatively thin?

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